Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#NaBloPoMo May 5: Your style

Say style, and most people think of clothes. I thought I'd write a great post about styles of thinking or styles of being. Then life happened. I got up at 5.30 am and now I want to sleep. So, here you go. My style: colorful, girly, and comfortable. 

And now I changed my mind, let's write a line or five. Have you noticed that meditating in the shower might have the most unexpected effects? A moment ago I was staring at the tap, letting the hot water wash over my feet when the thought hit me: what the hell! I'm sometimes a rather silly person. That is my style. Maybe this prompt is getting to me. The anxious knot in my stomach is tightening its grip. There is no reason to worry. Not really. The world is collapsing for so many people everyday that my worries are nonsense and a nuisance. And yet, the feeling is there. One thing that annoys me is people who post quotes online to justify their own attitude. I do not want to be one of those people - I don't want to waste my time thinking that I never did anything wrong, apart from being too nice. So, hello little knot. Thank you for passing by. It's time to stop feeling misunderstood. How will anyone ever know anything if you don't tell them? You may leave now, little knot, back to my head, exactly where you came from.

Oh yes. There is still a photo. Stripes? Check. The color red? Check. An unflattering fringe? Well, of course.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Green Tea + Smoothie

Pink Goodness


  • Frozen raspberries + green tea (mixed in a blender)
  • 1 apple,1 pear and some lemon juice + green tea mixed in a blender)
  • Everything mixed together in a tall glass

#NaBloPoMo May 4: Your Energy

Energy = colour 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

#NaBloPoMo May 3: Your Feelings

Quite messy, sometimes sensible. More often illogical, but also paradoxical. Trying to think the best of people. A believer of positive thinking, curious. Stubborn. Usually not sharing. 

Today I have felt happy because of the sunshine, grateful for my boyfriend. Running made me feel tired, the week ahead awoke my anticipation. Watering my plants relaxed me.

I hate taking the lift because I feel uncomfortable with too much people too close to me. So, I take the stairs and my overall health improves.

Stupidity and a lack of information anger me. There is no cure, no stairs and no salvation from that. But a tasty cup of tea makes life better,

Also, I find that a good splash of colour is an instant booster on any mentally rainy day.

[500 Days] Last Days of April

During the last days of April, Stockholm was lovely. The masses admired the cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården, Hagaparken was suddenly green and at Walpurgis Night bonfires were to be seen everywhere. And the food - as always - was delicious.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Valokuvatorstai # 366: Kupla

Elämä on yhtä kuplaa! (life is a bubble). (la vida es una burbuja). (жизнь пузырь). (życie jest bańka). 

#NaBloPoMo May 2: Your Passion

Does everyone have a passion? It feels like I have spent a lifetime seeking a passion, without finding one. Does that make me abnormal? Dear Reader, what is your passion? On my journey I have found loads of things that interest me: learning languages, travelling, learning in general, reading, working out. But there is no flame burning within me. There is nothing I could not live without. 

Taking a photograph of my passion seemed to be a task of the tougher kind. Until it hit me - a word. No thing would reflect my passions - or object of interest, but a word would.

So, ladies and gentlemen - the word that sums it all up:

Friday, 1 May 2015

Places: Brussels

#NaBloPoMo May 1: You

Selfies are everywhere. I don't know what to think about them - on the one hand, I think that the focus on the self (or the individual) that we see in contemporary society is negative. There is a need to show off and many are drawn to the superficial. I don't want to live in a world like that. In order to be seen, desperate measures are taken. Normal, everyday pictures are boring and they disappear in that constant flow of news and updates. The question is - does that make us, the average people, boring as well? On the other hand, I have heard some people argue that selfies of normal people are needed, as they function as a reminder of normalcy - after all, most people are average and we need to remember that.

I sometimes take selfies - usually to make a funny face or to remember that fancy lipstick!

This is me: polka dots, stripes, bright colours and the occasional crazy face.