Sunday, 29 July 2012

Happiness Is…

I just took a stroll under the birches in our garden and suddenly a couple of very important thoughts came to my mind. One of these thoughts has been active in my sub-consciousness for a while now: all that really matters is happiness.

The following song is on constant repeat. I heard it on the radio ages ago, and then a friend mentioned the name of the singer and I actually found it on youtube.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

All You Need Is Love


Привет, друзья!

It’s been a while. Life is good, nothing much has happened although there is plenty going on. Let’s see if I manage to get this blog up and running again, I’ve missed the writing.P7250162

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Life. Now.

Imagine a small fluffy and confused bright yellow ball. That’s me, happily but somewhat hesitantly bouncing toward you! Yesterday I went to Stockholm and ended up sleeping in the sunshine because it was so comfy and warm. And there were some Russians around and it was so pleasant listening to Russian that it was way too much of an effort to keep my eyes open.

Random Russians

Today I have been trying to get my act together a little bit. In the end, I’ve only been drooling over a certain British actor*. And sorting clothes. And talking about boys. And doing push-ups. Well, the day is still young. Two hours to go ‘til midnight. I can still squeeze in some writing before it’s time to go to bed.

*and so would you, if you knew who I’m talking about.

Getting Ready…


…for Spain!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Planning A Workout

This blog has been quiet about exercise lately. That doesn’t mean that the working out isn’t happening, it usually (sometimes) is. Right now I’m planning a workout for this afternoon, so I thought I’d share the planning process with you.

I usually try to train 4-5 times/week at the gym and I (try to stick to) use a 3-split program.

Day 1: triceps + biceps
Day 2: back + shoulders + chest
Day 3: legs

In an ideal world days 2 and 3 are repeated at the end of the week.
The strength training is followed by some kind of cardio, today that will be body combat. And then yoga, yay!

Today I will focus on training the upper body, e.g. back, shoulders and chest. This is my absolute favourite day because I find the pain delightful... just kidding! Wherever free weights are concerned, I use supersets (e.g. two exercises right after each other).

1) Push-ups/Press-ups (5 x max) + back raises (3x15-20)

2. Dumbbell row + chest press w. dumbbells (3x12 each)

3. Military (dumbbell) press + inclined flyes (3x 12 each)

4. Shoulder raise (lateral & front) + rear lateral raise

5. Row in machine (3 x max) OR barbell row (3 x max)

6. Lat pulldown (3x12)

Partners In Crime

Z: and then when we are lying on that beach in Spain, I can check out the guys. It’s a pity you can’t, though, because you’re happily building a house with your boyfriend.

K: well, I can help you before you look. Just to make sure that they are worth looking at in the first place.