Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Wars have been waged, the US has elected its first black president, China has hosted the Olympic games. Britney Spears is back and Madonna has gotten a divorce. Planet Earth keeps moving and little has actually changed.

Most major* events will have some sort of an impact on my life, but even so, this year my life has mostly been revolving around... myself.

Achievement of the Year:

Definitely graduating. I have never felt so proud of something that I did before. It took a lot of effort, time, frustration, banging the head against the wall. Yes you name it, I probably did it in my frustration. Although some courses were really amazing, Russian was as interesting as chewing wood. I just completely lost all the motivation and joy to learn that I had had before. Forcing yourself to learn a foreign language when your interest levels are below zero is extremely difficult, but somehow I managed to get both a first and a distinction (in spoken Russian, what a joke!). It's good to continue from here.

Whim of the Year:

Beware all feminists, I did it, I moved to a foreign country because of a man.

Lucky Strike of the Year:
Finding a job, and a flat, as quickly as I did.

Film of the year
Uuh, I have forgotten all the films I watched... but it was probably something crazy and insane

Music of the year
New music, new music... As I haven't heard the newest album from Finnish rapper Asa (aka Avain), I will have to say... Depeche Mode :)

Event of the year
Really, I don't do events. Although having fever during the fallas was quite a mind blowing experience (the real experience being running around town in a very feverish state)

Memory of the year
Probably the last day in Manchester. Saying goodbye to the city was very, very sad, but at the same time I was so excited about everything ahead.

Colour of the year
Leopard spots! It's not really a colour, but it is a fixation

Hobby of the year
I would say that I have quite enjoyed both the gym ball and the yoga book

Improvement of the year
Maybe the ability to actually raise my voice when I feel bad, instead of letting people treat me like a door mat.

Silliness of the year
Being jealous. Why now? It has never happened to me before.

This year has also fabuosly consisted of kisses, silk, snoopy, over knee socks (gosh, other fixation), oranges, sunshine, snoopy, pin ups, good blogs, eating good food, messing around and basically just enjoying life.

* I do not consider neither Britney nor Madonna as a major "event"

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years Wishes

A friend of mine sent me this the other day:

Free translation:

To those who wished me all the best for the year 2008, I would kindly like to inform that:

it did not help!

Therefore, I ask you to only send me money, alcohol and petrol tickets for 2009.

Thanks a lot!

Sushi in the Sun

Pjuh whay a day. There has been a lot of running around and my back feels like it is going to break into two any minute now. Anyway, it has been worth it; the best part definitely being having some good take away sushi in the park. My outfit for tomorrow is also ready and my boyfriend is about to receive a happy-just-because gift, which he will hopefully like.


This computer I´m writing on is situated in the perfect place to do some metro-spotting...

Why do the trains come every two minutes when you don't need need to go anywhere, but as soon as you are standing there at the station, you will have to wait 30 minutes?

Rainy, Windy, Queing...

Once I have finished my Guarana spiked tea, it is again time to go and face the real world. If everything goes according to plan, the day will start with queing at the medical centre, after which I will have a date with my boyfriend`s mother. Once in the city centre, I will take the opportunity to do some reading and writing in the best of environments. I should also be able to squeeze in a trip to the accommodation office, as well as a visit to a museum I have been wanting to see since...

Fingers crossed that it will be a good day.

I wish everyone who reads this a fabulously fun day as well!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Ich hab's geschafft!

After walking a few rounds around the local gym (which is a whole 5 minutes away), I took a deep breath and walked in. I have spent four indecisive months trying to decide whether I should or shouldn't. Well, now we'll find out if my self discipline will last for three months and two weeks, or if I just threw some hard earned money in the bin.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Over the Moon

Today I’m so happy that I’m tingling all over, sitting down and concentrating is impossible (that is probably why my boss strategically put the Fazer chocolate right on my table, in a vain? attempt to keep me right here), all I want to do is hug people. Hug my parents, my brothers, my friends, the dog, my colleagues and all the palm trees. My boyfriend (who deserves to be mentioned on his own as he reads this) would get a biiiig hug in the closet.

So the cause of this extraordinary happiness is…

… my family. It’s only a few months since I last saw them but oh how I have been missing them. Talking about everything with my mother, harassing my little brothers and just chilling with my dad are all things that I find immensely relaxing, but also energising. As a family we have never been really expressive and emotional, but they are the best family one could possibly wish for (with the possible exception of those heated discussions when my brothers are two seconds from killing each other)

… the morning walk. It does wonders to both mind and body, and I can’t understand why I don’t do it more often. Well, yes. I do know. If the choice is between getting a ride and walking for 30 mins, and this particular choice has to be made at 7 a.m. it is quite obvious that any person as lazy as me would choose the first option. This morning was fabulous: the sky slowly getting lighter, chilly air (-2ºC), no people on the streets and Christmas lights brightening the way. Inspiring enough to make it to the list of New Year’s Resolutions?

… that chocolate placed on my desk. I love thee, Karl Fazer. Sugar rush + overdose of vitamin C = a feeling even better than that special sort of tipsiness created by a tasty drink*, great company and fabulous conversation (now, beat that one, Einstein!)

* it must have been years since I last had a cocktail. Cocktail party, anyone?

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Best Right Now

The hottest(sometimes literally)

Oranges & Pomegranates

Getting all the necessary amount of vitamine C is only an excuse. OK, getting enough of those organic compounds will keep nasty flus at bay, but the truth is that there is nothing more refreshing than freshly squeezed orange juice. Recently I found some pomegranate in the nearest supermaket and these little red "things" are quickly turning into snack most wanted.

Moisturising is essential at this time of the year (well, isn't it always?) As it can be quite boring at times (really, when it comes to beauty stuff, finding the right moisturiser has quite a low fun factor), not to mention time consuming, the best is to find out what works for you and stick to it. One beauty essential every girl should have in her beauty box is the Touche Eclat from YSL. It makes miracles to almost any face. In fact, this little wonder in a stick is not only exclusive to women; the version for men will surely brighten their day too!

Knowing the time. I kid you not, is incredibly cool, and what´s better than one of these "old-fashioned" alarm clocks which will wake up the whole building (including the monster twins next door*)

Keep your toes warm and you will be prepared for anything.

Other turn ons: silk, Japanese lietarture, sitting in the sun, silly books, Christmas songs and keeping plants alive.

*The "monster" twins are actually quite sweet, and will surely be absolutely adorable as soon as they learn to sleep at night.

Friday, 19 December 2008

When the cat is gone....

Today should turn out to be a good day. The cat has gone to Madrid, so the mouse will go to look for those final Christmas presents. After the presents have been shipped off to Santa-land, it will be time to meet a friend for some proper girl talk over a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie. The day should then eventually be rounded off with some serious escapism on the sofa. The plan is to find a good, mind-absorbing story, and just curl up and fly away to unknown lands. The best companion for such a trip is undeniably a tub of Ben and Jerry’s (who automatically makes one think about Tom and Jerry, is it just me or there are a lot of cats and mice involved today).

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Head spinning, thoughts spinning. Any equilibrium there ever was has been on holiday this morning. I might be ill, not the kind of little pains you might suffer from, no, ill. Sick. This is bad, because I have never had any talent for being ill. The guilt caused by staying at home is tremendous, moaning people are a real pain in the bum, and I hate feeling sorry for myself (although, admittedly, that happens too often anyway). I’m now placing all my hope with the pain killer, the hot cup of tea and with my famous skill to exaggerate. Maybe I’m not ill at all; if I’m lucky it will just be my imagination

Monday, 15 December 2008

New Mantra, Perhaps?

The daily chocolate tea from Yogi has provided the following food for thought today:

To learn, read.
To know, write.
To master, teach.

Plum, Lost Scots and Some Bloody Fighting

Life as we know it is a bit slow at the moment. Sitting in the office, sendig e-mails, drinking tea and playing with the dog*. The evenings have been filled with good reading, a lot more tv-series than I have ever seen before, and even more tea.

I said goodbye to chic-lit a few years ago when I threw about 50 books in the bin. The only thing that I cannot get rid of is Stephanie Plum, the oh-so ordinary heroine created by Janet Evanovich. She is just too funny (sidenote: she is indeed funnier than Madrid-Barcelona on telly, even if it is quite hard to believe for some).

I might not be that into chic -lit, but years of analysing Russian literature has sent me back into deep regression. Say hello to romantic novels with that naughty twist that makes you laugh more than it turns you on... The coolest bit is the possibility to time travel between Scotland of the 16th Century and today. All because of the love for a handsome Scot (who has a large... err... member).
For someone so squeamish, it is unbelievable that my favourite tv-show is Bones, and that I like Rome as much as I do. In Bones, I adore the intelligence (even if it's just faked) of the characters, and in Rome... well, when the level of intrigue in your own life is zero, you find the scheming minds of half-naked Romans quite fascinating. Please do not forget their lovely British accents. That, my friends, is the icing on the cake. Hiding under the blanket is the perfect way of making the less pleasant bits (read: fighting, bones, blood, whipping, dying, flesh) to go away.

Random Thought of the Day: I share my birthday with Hugh Heffner and Jenna Jameson. Maybe it is a sign of something of great importance.

Now I'll have some tea.

* We do indeed have a dog in our office and she really is one of the sweetest things around.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Back to School

I did it! Now I just need to start chasing school books, in Swedish... Good luck to that!

Hain opiskelemaan ja pääsin kun pääsinkin sisään. Kyseessä on siis lisää kansainvälisiä suhteita sekä ripaus kansantaloutta. Kai tästä vielä saadaan toinen tutkinto kasaan. Nyt ruotsinkielisiä kirjoja metsästämään.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Jingle Bells

In two weeks and two days it is time to celebrate Christmas (on Christmas Eve as is the tradition in Finland). The table will be covered with the most delicious foods; casseroles, salmon, salads, stew... there will be some melancholy Finnish music playing in the backgroud and the house will be full of people. Hopefully there will be a lot candles and lanters spreading light, beautifully wrapped gifts under a Christmas tree and a lot of laughter and jokes to make us all feel happy.
In two weeks and two days.
This will be the first time that I spend Christmas far away from the cold and dark north, where Christmas always comes as a relief. December is the time when streets and houses are flooded with light, when the sweet smell of gingerbread and other delicacies tickles your nose and when you finally feel that the days are getting shorter and that spring will arrive soon.
Christmas in Spain is obviously different, and at least this far I have had not been filled with any Christmas-feeling, bit if there is anything Christmas teaches us, it is that there is always hope.

Christmas markets are lovely. You can search for gifts, try some good food and enjoy hot drinks when the air gets too cold and your cheeks start turning red.

Apparently there is something organised in Valencia, so tadadadaa, we have a plan for Saturday.

Christmas without candles and other lights is not Christmas. This light in the darkness is a symbol of hope, and it gives all the energy one needs to get past the winter.

"Pepparkakor" and "Lussebullar". These are an essential part of Christmas as well; not only do they provide you with sufficient energy to get all the preparations done, but the taste of these saffron buns and gingerbread cookies brings you back to your own childhood and all the memories associated with Christmas. 9th December is the day of the "pepparkaka" and the saffron bun is especially popular on the day of Santa Lucia on December 13th.

Finding the right ingredients can be tricky, but not impossible. In case IKEA is too far away, a trip to Corte Inglés might be worthwile. Of course, the right spices will cost a fortune (last time I checked, maple syrup was about 15€), but they will still be cheaper than train tickets to Madrid/Barcelona/Murcia.

Mulled wine is great for keeping the cold away, and it goes perfectly with all those sweet buns and cookies.

Mulled wine can always be swapped for hot sangria (is tha even possible?) if everything else fails.

Christmas for me is not about the presents; it´s about the smells, the excitement, the songs and being together with my family. It´s about rememberig people, showing them that you think about them and that they are important to you.

Ginger & Saffron
Mulled Wine