Sunday, 14 July 2013

Danilo Kiš


“Što je bilo, bilo je. Prošlost živi u nama i ne možemo je izbrisati. Pošto su snovi slika onoga sveta, i dokaz njegovog postojanja, susrećemo se u snovima; kleči kraj furune u koju trpa vlažna drva; ili me doziva promuklim glasom. Tada se budim i palim svetlo. Kajanje i bol se polako pretvaraju u sumornu radost sećanja. Naš dugi, strasni i strašni roman ispunio je moj život, osmislio ga je, i ja ne tražim nikakve nadoknade.”*

This quote is not from the book I’m currently reading, it is from Encyclopedia of the Dead, also by Danilo Kis.

The book I am reading is A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. It is a horrible, absurd and truly wonderful book dealing with the fate of revolutionaries. Kiš and his work might be my new obsession!


* "What's done is done. The past lives in us and we can not delete it. Since dreams are picture of the world, and the proof of its existence, we meet in dreams; kneeling furnace into which puts damp wood, or calling me hoarsely. Then I wake up and turn the lights on. Remorse and pain slowly turned into a grim memories of joy. Our long, passionate and scary novel filled my life, it was invented, and I'm not looking for any compensation.”

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Oh, Life.

Somehow. The weeks pass like lightning and thunderstorms and suddenly it’s weekend again. It’s work, it’s planning trips and holidays and the future. It’s laughter and it’s fighting against the sleep in the eyes in the mornings. I switch on my laptop twice a week, tops.

Blogwise I need to think how to do it. But I will be back, as I really miss writing.