Thursday, 26 March 2015

Food Love

Chicken and feta salad

Spinach + mango + orange juice = smoothie love

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Train Stories

Yesterday when sitting on the train...

...a girl in front of me was speaking an unfamiliar language. Strangely enough, I could understand everything she was saying. Odd? My guess is that it was a Slavic language but one can never be sure.

... I read a story about a kid who had given his Easter egg to a beg.. sorry, EU-migrant*. A good deed, indeed. However, is it still a good deed if someone (probably a parent) decides it's worth boasting about? Don't good deeds lose some of their shimmer and glimmer when people start making a big deal out of them?


...interior design. Apparently people over 30 need to colour match their book shelves and have art in their homes. All these "shoulds", "musts" and "oughts" make me cringe. Especially when I have time to think about them on the train.

* the term EU-migrant is rather complicated, as media often uses the term to refer to homeless people from other (poorer) EU-countries. I have used it here slightly ironically. as the term could apply to any migrant from another EU country (including me). Please note that I'm discussing the term, not the people. You can read more about it here (in Swedish).

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring Inspiration 2015

Inspiration from Google, H&M and last year. May this spring be as beautiful as the previous one!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Valokuvatorstai #360: Herääminen (FI: Awakening)

Awake at night. Dreaming. Not dreaming. Being. Not being. Staying. Awake. Breathe.

Uppvaknande. Vakna. Se. Lär. Läs. Var vaken, sov inte. Tänk. Var här, stanna inte. Fortsätt tills du ser stjärnorna, tills världen är den plats där du vill leva.

пробуждение: a кто будет петь если все будет спать?* 

Despierta! No duermas, vive! Tú, yo, nosotros. Nosotros somos el mundo, sin nosotros este mundo no puede sobrevivir. Un poco de solidaridad, por favor!

 Świat teraz zaczyna żyć na nowo

Politika: spánok a prebudenie 

Gyere velem a szép új világba!

* Из песни «Кино и Виктор Цой - Легенда

[500 Days] Fiilistelyä

Hello friends!

I have now a long list of posts to write, but let's begin with a "feel good"-one. 

1) Google knows how to confuse (and to entertain)

2) Oh my, Google shocked me so badly that I have nothing more to say.
Just kidding. 
But let's skip the list. 
Let's see. 
Life is quite ordinary. I am starting to think that ordinary is good. The other day I noticed that I'm quite the Conservative and Unexcited. As always it was a book that gave me insight. I think monogamy is great. And so is order and following the rules. And paying the taxes. My inner rebel has been silenced. It will probably show its face when it's time to vote. 

The great question: will I vote? This is a tough one indeed. I'll actually be in Finland before the elections, so I could vote without the hassle to go to the embassy (because let's face it, Finland is so much easier to go to than central Stockholm).. One should always vote. It's a duty, a responsibility and a right, all in one. But what if none of the candidates feels right?

Monday, 16 March 2015

Inventing Words

Mind you, let's call it discovering new words. 

In the last days of 2014, SVT published a list of 40 words new to the Swedish language. Many of them are related to feminism and norms. Mobile zombies and selfie sticks were also included.

Bah. Selfie sticks? Who needs those when you can invent such perfect words as:

Definition of uggmuggla: someone incredibly cute and wise. At the same time. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Not only are they curious and intelligent, they are also extremely cute. Who would not want one of these fluffy and adorable things in their garden?

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Yesterday we had an all-day team event with work, which was absolutely great. It included all kinds of activities ranging from discussions on the future of book publishing to team projects and a treasure hunt. As the company I work for is a part of the biggest publishing house in Sweden, we do get to hear a lot about books. 
As the event was arranged at the Museum of Ethnography, I also had the chance to take a rather lovely (but spooky) walk in the morning, 

I started at my new position on Wednesday and I'm very excited about it. The job means that I get to write, translate and use my language skills. And there are books, so I'm happy! 

[Valokuvatorstai 359: Sydänkäpy/ Sweetheart] Rakkaudella/ With Love