As you can probably figure out from the blog, languages are a big part of my life. Most of my life I have been learning one language or another and it's always a great feeling to notice how much I understand when I'm abroad. Although all languages are interesting, I find the Slavic and Finno-Ugric ones especially fascinating. 

Language - to me - is more than a way of talking or spelling things correctly. It is the very essence of human existence. For humans to function in a group, to survive, to grow, we need to be able to express and communicate our thoughts and ideas in a comprehensive way.

And. Let's not forget. Languages are fun!

As I'm using this blog to track my progress, I decided to put down the list of goals in here.

  • Finnish: mother tongue and the language of my soul. It's the language that means home to me. Having grown up in a Swedish-speaking territory, my Finnish isn't as perfect as it could be. My goal is to use it as much in my daily life as possible.
  • Swedish: mother tongue2: no specific goals
  • English:: fluent - use as much as possible.
  • Russian: advanced (I have a degree in Russian), use as much as possible and gain even more fuency. Learn more vocab especially in the fields of politics and current affairs. Produce more text myself,
  • Polish: upper intermediate. The goal is to take (and pass!) an international exam at advanced level.
  • Spanish: advanced - take the DELE at advanced level.
  • Hungarian: beginner/lower intermediate. I study Hungarian at university and my goal is to work towards fluency. 
  • Slovak: while living in Slovakia, I took a fairly relaxed stance to the language. I do find it both intriguing and beautiful and will continue playing with it. 
I'm also interested in Czech, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Ukrainian, German, Dutch and French.