Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Planning A Workout

This blog has been quiet about exercise lately. That doesn’t mean that the working out isn’t happening, it usually (sometimes) is. Right now I’m planning a workout for this afternoon, so I thought I’d share the planning process with you.

I usually try to train 4-5 times/week at the gym and I (try to stick to) use a 3-split program.

Day 1: triceps + biceps
Day 2: back + shoulders + chest
Day 3: legs

In an ideal world days 2 and 3 are repeated at the end of the week.
The strength training is followed by some kind of cardio, today that will be body combat. And then yoga, yay!

Today I will focus on training the upper body, e.g. back, shoulders and chest. This is my absolute favourite day because I find the pain delightful... just kidding! Wherever free weights are concerned, I use supersets (e.g. two exercises right after each other).

1) Push-ups/Press-ups (5 x max) + back raises (3x15-20)

2. Dumbbell row + chest press w. dumbbells (3x12 each)

3. Military (dumbbell) press + inclined flyes (3x 12 each)

4. Shoulder raise (lateral & front) + rear lateral raise

5. Row in machine (3 x max) OR barbell row (3 x max)

6. Lat pulldown (3x12)

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