Monday, 31 January 2011

Crazy First Week Of February

Seems like I have an insanely mad week to look forward to, but it’s OK, because most of it will be spent with family and friends in Finland.

  • Monday: work, lecture (Hungarian Text Analysis), finish assignment (Measurement Theory), gym (managed to run 6K), lunch with TT and his sister.
  • Tuesday; gym (body bump), going to the city centre for lunch with TT and his grandma, also need to buy train tickets and print some papers out. Work on a psychology assignment and prepare for Hungarian oral class.
  • Wednesday: school work, running, more school work. Pack the suitcase. Wohoo.
  • Thursday: get up way too early to catch train for Alicante. Fly to Sweden and keep all fingers and toes crossed that we will make it to the last ferry. Try to study while stressing about trains/planes/buses/ ferries.
  • Friday: work, and socialise with family. Complete an assignment. Eat lots of Finnish food and drink battery. Alternatively, sit on a ferry from Sweden to Finland and then work.
  • Saturday: study + play in the snow + party with bestest Magdalena.
  • Sunday: maybe try to squeeze in a trip to the swimming pool. More studying.


Now, work is calling!

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