Saturday, 8 January 2011


Today when I got back from town, I put on some melancholic music and spent a good twenty minutes weeping. If she were a man, I’d charm her with my childlike excitement and twist her around my finger. If she were a woman, she’d probably be my soul mate and no questions would never need to be asked. However, a place will never return your feelings.

What made me cry were the pictures from a Hungary long gone, and maybe the love story too. Valencian museum Muvim is currently having an exhibition consisting of the 100 most important photographs taken by André Kertész (Kertész Andor), who can be considered one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. These photos were from his native Hungary, bohemian Paris and New York, where he lived for the most part of his life. The photos were beautiful, and we also had a really good guide telling us funny stories about the photographer, his life and his art. Apparently he was together with the same woman almost all his life (although there was the almost obligatory affair with a French woman), and when she died, he photographed everything that reminded him of her.  Below you can see some of the photos I liked the most, the first two are from Hungary, the last one from NY.




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