Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Day

I wonder if I’ll be too old to wear a bright, red dress the day I finally graduate (again). Last time I graduated there was no celebration, but this time, when everything will be done, finished and over with, I’m going to party like there is no tomorrow. In a bright red dress. All my best friends will be there and we will laugh our heads off and dance like mad. And we’ll eat Hungarian pancakes and drink Russian vodka. You will all be welcome, too.

As long as we’re not all too old to wear red and dance, that is.


Natalie said...

Believe me, my dear, you're never too old to wear a fabulous red dress. And even if some would say that you are, who cares what they think anyway? :)

Senorita said...

Congratulations ! I know you will totally rock that dress.

My blog has gone private for a few days, but it will be back next week so please don't forget about me.

annanas said...

Hei! Löysin blogisi Riikan blogin (vatsassaperhosia) kautta. Ja halusin vaan sanoa, että kiva blogi sulla ja samoja intressejä meillä (tee ja unkarin kieli mm.) :) Nih, mukavaa päivää!

Zsuzsi said...

Natalie: thank you for the cheerful comment :)

Senorita: you'll have to congratulate me next year... because there is no chance I'll forget about you :)

annanas: kiitos suloisesta kommentista. Ihanaa, että joku muukin on hurahtanut unkarin kieleen :)