Thursday, 6 January 2011

3 hours to go...

Let’s see how far we can get. My bet is not very far since I’m still blogging instead of doing useful things.


Instead of working on my essay, I’m wondering what happened to my hair colour. Yeah, I know, that’s an extremely important problem and by solving it, I’ll also save the world from all evil. This photo is from last year when one of the bestest friends in the entire world was visiting: yes, this is the kind of things we do in public places.


Reading Pushkin would also be far more interesting than working on this essay. He’s right here next to me.

Здесь Пушкин погребен; он с музой молодою,
С любовью, леностью провел веселый век,
Не делал доброго, однако ж был душою,
      Ей-богу, добрый человек.


Ready, steady, go go go!


Sebastián Moncho said...

Jejeje, la típica foto que no se hace en público... bueno, la has hecho pública ahora ;)

Sobre el color de pelo, Laís recuerdo que era rubia, pero se teñía de moreno. Supongo que cada continente tiene sus modas xD

Anonymous said...

Nice choice of Pushkin--I love «Пора, мой друг, пора». Also love the Swedish keyboard on your computer (or at least what I'm assuming is Swedish).

Zsuzsi said...

Sebastián: es un trabajo duro (ser la tonta) pero alguien tiene que hacerlo :) Siempre intento tener el pelo castaño/moreno en Finlandia, y más clarito en España (para no ser como todos los demás :D).

Natalie: actually it's a "Nordic" keyboard. Finnish and Swedish use the same letters, but the Danish and Norwegian ones are slightly different. However, it seems like a lot of companies don't bother to make separate keyboards for these countries, and that's why you see a few different versions for the Ö and Ä :)