Wednesday, 5 January 2011

одиночество - жизнь прекрасна!

Solitude. But life is beautiful. I will be home alone for three nights, and I’m still trying to decide whether it’s scary or great. Yes. Somehow I have managed to survive for more than a quarter of a century without getting used to sleeping on my own.

Today seems to turn out to be a good day. After surviving the initial shock of an alarm clock going off at 6.30 I have given goodbye kisses at the train station, drunk lovely raspberry rooibos tea, taken a nap with a dog on top of me, listened to a child singing happily in a bank and been told that I’m "la chica más guapa en Benicalap". Over here guys can tell that to any girl they bump into on the street, but it was still a wee bit flattering.

Yes. This will be a beautiful day.


You can say what you want, but life is beautiful!


knickknacks said...

I love having moments of alone time like that! It feels strange but it is a nice feeling! Btw, is Benicalap a place?

Zsuzsi said...

Benicalap is a part of Valencia :)