Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Magic Bag

The other week when TT came back from France, I met him at the train station. For some reason he carried my handbag for a while, before asking me how many bricks I was carrying around on: apparently my handbag was a lot heavier than all the luggage he needed for a few days in France.

So what’s usually in that magic bag?



Money, two notebooks, about 100 pens (in the pencil case), sugar (instead of using it, I steal it from the coffee shops), hair bands, 2x lip balm, passport, metro ticket, book on cognitive psychology, filofax… and a laptop and a bottle/can of something to drink.


The bag: from H&M


The keys Smile That little guy always makes me smile.

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knickknacks said... that polka dot purse!
The problem with women is that the bigger the bag, the more things we tend to carry around with us! I've been trying to downsize my bag so that I don't kill my shoulders these days!