Wednesday, 23 April 2014

aktuálne čítanie [SK: current reading]

Prague was pretty back in 2013. 
Now that I spend some of my time (not enough, it feels) reading articles for my thesis, I have come across a lot of interesting texts. There are two academics/writers that I would like to mention here.

Firstly, Jürgen Habermas. Anyone having anything to do with social sciences will have heard about this man, he's one of the most known scholars in Europe today. His theories on the public sphere, democracy and communicative action are fascinating. He also has a great deal to say about the European Union.

Habermas on post-democratic Europe ->

A comment on Habermas ->

The second person, whose work I have been reading with great interest, is a Czech academic (hence the lovely photo from Prague) called Jiří Přibáň. His work includes topics such as the EU, the constitutional state, rule of law and post-communist Europe. 

An interview with Jiří Přibáň on the state of Europe ->

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Yummy" - or a note on self-development

I have a friend, I have known him for a decade or so [gosh, time really flies]. Once he commented on my usage of the word "yummy". He noted that I have not changed my vocabulary at all. For the past decade. That thought was a bit sad, after all, I have graduated from a UK uni. I have worked in international environments. My English is not the best or the most creative, but I do feel that it's slightly above the "yummy"-level. My doubts started to grow. Maybe I have not developed my English? Maybe I haven't developed any language skills whatsoever? Maybe I speak like a 5-year old? Maybe I as a person still behave like a toddler?

You get the point - at the end the whole self-doubt thing got more and more ridiculous. Nonetheless, I do believe it's a good idea to actively develop one's skills and personality. There are so many interesting ways to do this.

Back to the word "yummy". After giving it some thought, I realized that the word delicious has many synonyms, such appetizing, tasty, exquisite, delightful and enjoyable. Yet, the word yummy is a good word. It's short, it's concise, it gets straight to the point.


Good morning! 

Since coming to Sweden (we are situated about 40 mins south of Stockholm), we have spent a great deal of time walking and jogging. The nature is lovely here on the countryside as you can see below (the very last photo really symbolises all that is typical for Sweden - in my opinion).
Plans for this week: job-hunting, writing on the dissertation, running x 3 + enjoying the sun.

It really feels like Monday morning because of all the days off. Time to get back to normalcy.

What are your plans?

Monday, 21 April 2014

One That Never Fails: Feta Salad

Home-made dressing that's lovely with the feta salad: white wine vinegar (1 tablespoon), olive oil (3 tablespoons), lemon zest, coriander, French herbs and 1 garlic clove. Mixing and matching works! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More Energy? Yes, Please.

Spring is here! Some people start bubbling with energy as soon as the sun shows itself. Others (like me) get tired. I have tried to make a conscious decision to increase my energy levels - sometimes you have to work a little bit to find energy. 

So, there are essentially two factors that will have an impact on your energy levels. The first one is food. I usually feel very heavy and drowsy after eating candy and carbs. Oily food is also a big no-no. The second factor is exercise. Exercise in itself is valuable, but I find that exercising outdoors is what makes the difference.  Tea (preferably green and preferably with spices) also feels energizing.

Lemonade must be the best thing ever. It's refreshing and the flavours are endless. If you make it at home, you know what you're putting into your mouth as well. I would also say that the colour yellow is very cheerful. 

Colours - or in this case, polka dots - brighten any day. 

Healthy food - tasty and satisfying :) Here: porridge with cinnamon and raspberries. Yum!


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