Friday, 26 September 2014

Aglio e olio e... e...

You may have heard - or read - about it before (for instance here) -  how Spaghetti aglio e olio is the perfect quickie for food lovers. Or at least for lovers of all things spicy. For me, the addition of feta cheese is a must. This is a recipe that rarely fails (as long as one likes spices, for some strange reason, I never need to share this dish with anyone). It's never completely the same, though. The hotness of the chilies, the amount of garlic or feta cheese. It's always a new experience. Some fresh parsley would have made this particular meal irresistible. 

To be honest, I really just wanted to share these food pictures with you. Looking at them makes me hungry - I do think I will go and get some homemade lasagna now!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oh La La Couscous

Last week I was craving something light, yet satisfying for my lunch box. Something with a lot of taste and different textures. I try to avoid meat and other foods that leave me feeling stuffed, so I chose shrimps as a source of protein. The soy beans were crunchy. Tomatoes, red onion and rocket add a bit of colour (and vitamins) to an otherwise colourless dish. Feta cheese and garlic provide some "oh la la"-flavour. 
  • Couscous
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Red onion
  • Soy beans
  • Shrimps
  • Rocket
  • Feta cheese
  • Garlic

As always, lunch-box-food should be easy - and the more, the better . Heat the garlic, onion and cherry tomatoes in some olive oil. Prepare the coucous and mix it with the tomatoes, onion and garlic. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Serve cold. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Raspberry Pink

This autumn I'm in love with plums, I could eat them endlessly. Teamed with berries and some milk, they also make a great smoothie. How about frozen raspberries and fresh blueberries? Now, that's an awesome shot of vitamins - and a tasty one! All you need is two plums, a handful of frozen raspberries and 125 grams of blueberries.  

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Workouts This Week

Gym inspiration, I never used to work out when I was young, so developing a habit to exercise is something I have had to work on a lot as an adult. The first time I started to work out was during my second year of university, I had a good routine going on there - pilates, jumping rope and walking everywhere. After that I have been running, going to the gym, and testing yoga. I am quite proud that I get back on track after shorter breaks - it means that exercising has become a lifestyle for me. The pleasure it gives me is important - I often miss the gym when I haven't been there for a while and I love the feeling of being completely focused on the training. 

Workouts this week

  • Wednesday: 40 minutes strength training + 1 hour tai chi
  • Thursday: 100 min gym (rowing 30 minutes + upper body)
  • Saturday: 40 min pilates

And next week... 

  • Monday: gym - pilates 40 mins
  • Tuesday: gym - strength training (upper body 40 mins) 
  • Wednesday: gym - rowing 40 mins + tai chi 60 mins
  • Thursday: gym - rowing 30 mins, strength training (legs) 40 mins, stretching (20 mins)

As you can see, there is quite a bit of pilates there. Yesterday a friend of mine (who is an authorised instructor) gave a class of pilates and it felt so good. There was a time when I used to train pilates quite often - either at the gym or at home. For some reason, I forgot all about it. However, it's a nice change to "normal" strength training, so I decided to incorporate it into my training program. Variety is key, right?

Photo Diary: Caminando

This week I have spent a lot of time walking. Walking is more than simply great exercise, it is the time to gather one's thoughts, to enjoy all that is beautiful in the world. I have noticed that I feel much better after a walk during my lunch break or after work. 

Or as Friedrich Nietzsche put it:

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. 

Last Sunday before the elctions

Somewhere between Vagnhärad and Trosa

A runestone


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jak nie kochać jesieni...  [PL: How can one not love autumn]

Autumn is a time of meditation, a time of letting go. It's a time of endings but also beginnings. It's a time for reflection, a time for silence. I found the below poem almost by accident, it is beautiful and I felt like sharing. As always, the translation is mine.

Jak nie kochać jesieni... 

Jak nie kochać jesieni, jej babiego lata,
Liści niesionych wiatrem, w rytm deszczu tańczących.
Ptaków, co przed podróżą na drzewach usiadły,
Czekając na swych braci, za morze lecących.¨

Jak nie kochać jesieni, jej barw purpurowych,
Szarych, żółtych, czerwonych, srebrnych, szczerozłotych.
Gdy białą mgłą otuli zachodzący księżyc,
Kojąc w twym słabym sercu, codzienne zgryzoty.

Jak nie kochać jesieni, smutnej, zatroskanej,
Pełnej tęsknoty za tym, co już nie powróci.
Chryzantemy pobieli, dla tych, których nie ma.
Szronem łąki maluje, ukoi, zasmuci.

Jak nie kochać jesieni, siostry listopada,
Tego, co królowanie blaskiem świec rozpocznie.
I w swoim majestacie uczy nas pokory.
Bez słowa na cmentarze wzywa nas corocznie.

Tadeusz Wywrocki

English: How can one not love autumn...

How can one not love autumn, its Indian summer.
The leaves carried by the wind, to the rhythm of dancing rain.
The birds, sitting on trees before their journey.
Waiting for their brothers, flying overseas.

How can one not love autumn, its colours purple.
Grey, yellow, red, silver, pure gold.
When the white mist wraps itself around the setting moon.
Soothing the daily griefs in your fragile heart.

How can one not love autumn, so sad, so anxious,
so filled with longing for that which will not return.
The Chrysanthemums glitter for those, who no longer are.
The frost paints the meadows, soothing, upsetting.

How can one not love autumn, the sister of November.
The one that begins the reign of candles.
And in its majesty teaches us humility.
Without a word it calls us to the cemeteries every year. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pyöreä maailma

Maailmanpyörä Puolan Gdanskissa

The Week That Was And What's Still Left of It

Saturday morning. It feels so good to stretch out in the morning, to have time to enjoy the morning coffee. This week has been tiring, but wonderful.

On Wednesday I went to my first class of taiji (T'ai chi ch'uan) and it was great. I have such lousy coordination and balance, so this will definitely do me some good. Like yoga, it's great for the mind, too.

One of the great things about the place where I work is that we get a lot of books. And not just any books - cook books are the ones I'm often going for. (I have also found a pile of books about politics, as well as some great novels, so I'm happy)

The book in the background has a lot of interesting recipes. As it's about the 5:2 diet, the dishes are very light. However, there is a lot of fish and veggies in there, so it's definitely a book for me. I could also not resist when I saw the leaflet about juices. One of the supermarkets had made and it was free. It looks interesting, so I could have paid something for it!

Tomorrow there are the elections coming up. I get to vote in the local elections, which will be fun. In general I think that voting is an obligation - it is one of the few ways in which we can make our voices heard. Anyhow, I will write one post later on about my views on this particular election.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


It was a sunny day in September, the lazy summer rays so typical for autumn found their way into the big room with grey, wooden walls and a high ceiling. I was so nervous I had to wash my hands more than twice. At the same time, I was very, very happy. The event that was going to take place was something that I had been looking for. I slowly walked to the big white door, that was ever so slightly opened. I was to wait there for the teacher.

Suddenly one of the boys inside said my name. Following with an insult. The whole class started laughing, they were calling me names, saying that I was fat and weird and strange.

Suddenly the door opened with a jerk and teacher asked me to come in. The tears were burning behind my eyelids. Don't let them see you cry.

They didn't see me cry, not on that day, nor any day after that.

The first time someone broke my heart was long before I knew what romantic love was. It was on a sunny autumn day when I was going to attend my first class of English with the older kids. The whole class insulted me, laughed at me and humiliated me.

I cannot remember if I ever told anyone else about this. I do know, however, that the event shaped me forever. I would refuse to speak up in class because I was afraid, at the same time I have been driven (and still am) by a desire to be the best in everything, in an attempt to show everyone that I, too, do count.

NaBloPoMo September 2014

Monday, 8 September 2014

Lunch Box

What's simple, yet delicious? Satisfying, yet light? Quick?

A salad. I think that healthy food doesn't need to be tasteless. In my opinion, it's easier to eat healthily and strive for a healthy life when the food tastes good. There are many ways to make a dish healthier, when it comes to salad for instance, no dressing is needed if one uses the right kind of spices. Mixing textures and adding protein is also a good idea.

The salad in today's lunch box took about two minutes to make.

The ingredients?

  • rocket & spinach
  • crayfishes
  • 1 avocado
  • feta cheese
  • lime & pepper