About Zsuzsi

And thanks for visiting my blog - Zsuzsi's Playground. On the internet I go by the name of Zsuzsi and I have been writing this blog for quite some years now. Originally from Finland, I have lived in various European countries; Poland, the UK, Russia, Spain and Slovakia. I'm currently residing in Sweden.

Languages are my passion. While trying to avoid the term polyglot, I am fluent in three langauges which I use in my daily life: Finnish, Swedish and English. I have an advanced knowledge in Polish, Russian and Spanish. Furthermore, I have "survival skills" in French, German, Slovak and Hungarian. Few things are as beautiful as the written word. 

I am currently working for an international IT-company and in my spare time I am pursuing my master's degree in Sociology of European Law. I have a BA (Hons) in European Studies and Russian. The social scientist within me rarely keeps quiet. 

I'm passionate about working out, cooking exotic foods,psychology, communication, travelling and photography.I am also interested in simplifying life and seeking adventures.