Monday, 17 January 2011

Wenn man nicht schlafen kann

Was sollte man machen, wenn man nicht schlafen kann? Go me, I just wrote a sentence in German without any help. Earlier this week I solved a math problem. Am I clever or what? *

Basically it's midnight and  a coffee, one red bull and a coke later, my little brain refuses to go to sleep. So I'll just work on the deadly essay (it's so impossible it's going to get me killed, just wait and see) while you get to admire the photos of my day. Shh. It's an honour, don't you dare disagree with me.


Nice bags under the eyes. Zombieland next!




One of the best coffee drinks EVER: coffee, chocolate, milk and mint. Delicious!


* I have not solved a math problem (or formed any sentences in German for that matter) since high school, so I'm quite proud of myself. Doesn't mean I'm extremely clever, though.