Wednesday, 5 January 2011


This week I promised myself to work out six times, go for daily walks, stop eating white bread/pasta, drink more water and boost my "yes, you can"-attitude,

How’s it been going then?

Daily walks – check. No white bread – also check. Actually it’s not a very difficult promise to keep since I don’t even like eating it. More water, yes. But still not enough. Working out? I did a fairly intensive and almost deadly run on Monday and now I’m trying not to vomit after a nice chest/tricep/shoulder-workout. Jeez. Note to self: do not live on cookies and red bull only the days you are going to get physical. Actually, your body would probably not mind if you skipped them altogether.

And for that part with the positive thinking? Will see if there’s time for that on Saturday and Sunday. I’m too busy for any type of thinking right now!