Thursday, 6 January 2011

In a materialistic world...

Twice this week have I been to town, and both times I was horrified by the amount of stuff everywhere. People were running around with a crazy gleam in their eyes, looking for... what? Gifts? The perfect deal? Sudden relief for their worries? That rush you get when you find the perfect pair of jeans? Something so expensive that they wouldn’t need to think about the word "personal"?

In a country where 20% of the population is supposedly unemployed, people shop an awful lot. 

On a daily basis I read a few blogs, whose sole reason for existence is shopping and clothes.
And it hits me. [Again]. The big question: why? Why are we so concerned about finding the perfect Christmas presents, and why is it so damn important that we get that LV-bag? Why do we even waste our precious energy on those things? The other day we were wondering why people buy their toddlers clothes from Burberry and such. Our common sense didn’t really grasp the reason why people would waste copious amounts of money on clothes that would be used for just a few months. Is there some kind of a trick that we haven’t been told about?

OK. Each to his own. You decide what makes you happy, and live according to that decision. It’s not really up to me to tell other people what to do, so for this once I’m just expressing my humble opinion before logging off and doing something that I truly enjoy.

Kindest regards,
the girl whose greatest find in December was a pair of jeans for 17 euro. She’ll probably wear that pair, and that pair only, until it’s full of holes.

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