Saturday, 22 January 2011

Things we ♥ right now

Spring. It feels like spring even if it’s only January and there have been some rumours about snow on the Spanish east coast tomorrow. But. It. Feels. Like. Spring. Anyway.

You know what it feels like when that peculiar spring feeling is starting to take over your system?

No matter how uncertain life seems to be, there is a feeling of hope, of things getting better soon. Those crazy butterflies are swimming and jumping and playing in your stomach, reminding you of how wonderful life actually is. They offer you great promises of wonderful things to come, and provide you with both comfort and faith when you need them the most.

coffee, upcoming detox, endorphins, cuddling, running, the sunshine, the sore muscles in my bum, analysing decision making and problem solving, planning future trips, music, laughing with friends, colours, water, warm blankets, cold drinks, the wind in your face, good books, people watching, kisses, life.

Sometimes you need to search for those good feelings and memories, and then catch them, put them in a cage in the mind, so that they will be there whenever you need a quick happiness boost.

Soon, very soon, both TT and I will be cuddling with the world’s finest Tomi!



Sebastián Moncho said...

Lo de la frente son marcas de tu accidente con el cristal? :S

Zsuzsi said...

eso es :) y tengo una cicatriz tan bonita para el resto de mi vida!

Sebastián Moncho said...

Ostras, es una putada :S. Si te sirve de consuelo me hice daño jugando al fútbol hace un par de años y desde entonces tengo un queloide en el brazo derecho.