Thursday, 13 January 2011

"On hyvä käydä nukkumaan kun on nähnyt auringon"*

Hello all you sweet peas.
Today has passed in some kind of self-caused caffeine-induced haze, where everything has been a bit of a blur. No time for resting, though. Today we will fight till the bitter end so that the essay will finally be done.

This morning we went to the gym for some bodypump. We’ve been going for a few months now, and I definitely notice that I’m getting [a little bit] stronger. Well, excepts my biceps, which are about as powerful as two tiny ants. Anyhow, it’s a lot of fun: depending on the day I either feel like dancing or screaming with pain.

Have I ever told you that I’d like to get fit? Or maybe I just want to work out more because the endorphins are such lovely little creatures that make me happy.
The point of this post? To publish that headline*, which is something very Finnish and very poetic. Basically it means “It’s good to go to sleep, when one has seen the sun”. It’s from a song called Kunnian kentät (Fields of Honour) by the poop group Dingo. [POP... sorry :)] Love it.


Satu said...

Kröhöm. Vanhana Dingo-fanina vastustan sen nimittämistä kakaksi ;)

Zsuzsi said...

No voihan pahus.. en ollenkaan huomannut tuota typoa :/... :)