Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ქართული საკვები [Georgian food]


One of my great findings in Moscow was the Georgian cuisine, and I have really been missing having the possibility to go to a cosy Georgian restaurant to enjoy delicious food and wine. There are no Georgian restaurants in Valencia, and none in Finland either (who’ll come with me to St.Petersburg for some Georgian delicacies?). In Manchester we found an Armenian restaurant, but nothing Georgian. Anyway, to the point. If we can’t go to the food, we have to bring the food to us. You cannot imagine the amount of exciting jumping up and down when I found this book at Fnac on Sunday. For 10€. Now I’m excitedly planning to make all my friends guinea pigs so that I can feed them Georgian food made by moi and Georgian wine bought at the nearest русский магазин.

The great thing about this book (which also has information on the Russian, Ukrainian, Azeri and Armenian cuisines) is that it’s not only full of nice recipes, but there are also lots of lovely photos.



Anonymous said...

Who’ll come with me to St.Petersburg for some Georgian delicacies?

I will, I will! :)

Zsuzsi said...

Good! We should organise a trip soon.

Anonymous said...

ha! there's an amazing restaurant that Chris and I go to occasionally and it was run by a Georgian man and every Thursday is international night and they occasionally do Georgian food. Unfortunately he died just after Christmas but the restaurant is still open.