Wednesday, 12 January 2011

If I’d know how to dance without falling over, I’d become an exotic dancer.

That "if" indicates that I do not know how to dance without falling over, so we can forget about working as exotic dancers. What a relief! I don’t need to think about the anxiety it would cause to tell my parents about it (actually, I don’t think they are prudes, but my dad would probably pay for my living himself if he ever found out that I’m dancing half naked in front of drooling men. Just a thought). Oh, and drooling men scare the s**t out of me anyway, so maybe Zsuzsi the exotic dancer wouldn’t be such a great success.

So, where did this thought come from? Well, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it? I need money. Or at least enough money to have enough freedom to do whatever it is that I want to do. And if that’s asking too much, then I’d like something that would pay enough to buy my university books without feeling pangs of guilt.

Wishlist for future job: challenging, no bosses, quite well paid, have to be able to do it from home, interesting and flexible. Obviously it’d be wonderful if I could use whatever skills I already possess.

Any ideas, anyone? Come on, bring it on! I need all the inspiration I can get :)


Karol said...

I have no answers to your questions (in fact I would like to know the them myslef) but I'll follow your blog and just can't wait for new post!
Take care

Zsuzsi said...

Dzieki za twój komentarz :) If I come across any good answers, I'll let you know :)