Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Right now I could give a lot for an ice-cream.

This is soon going to turn into my own personal wailing wall, but ... it’s too HOT. I don’t feel like eating, or going outside, or doing exercise. Bad bad bad. All I can think of is a cold shower and a big bowl of vanilla ice-cream with caramel sauce and nuts. And lots of cinnamon. Sigh, it’s tempting. But food-wise this week has already gone completely downhill, so it might be best to forget about the ice-cream and make some frozen yoghurt instead.


Today’s treat: a big glass of cold water with lemon and frozen raspberries.


knickknacks said...

I'm sure it is ok to indulge in a nice big bowl of ice cream when you are feeling so bleah! ;) Your drink looks really interesting though!
Strangely, the weather on my side has been pretty chilly lately. Hmm...

Zsuzsi said...

Ok, big bowl of ice cream, here we come :D