Tuesday, 15 June 2010



Ok, time to come up with loads of things to do, find that red pen and start filling the calendar. I don’t believe in boredom, but hey, this is a sure way to achieve that empty state of doing nothing. I want to do something!

Jumping from one topic to another, apparently the best Swedish band ever, Kent, is releasing a new album. Yeeeey! Here’s one of their best songs, the perfect summer song, listen to this while sipping on a cold drink on the balcony, and remembering times and people long gone. This video has both the Swedish lyrics as the English subs, so check it out!


knickknacks said...

What is golden bingo??

Zsuzsi said...

Heh, it's my job. I'm entertaining a bunch of people at an online bingo, called... Golden Bingo :D It's fun actually!