Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Kent is a band, whose music I always return to. Their lyrics are amazing and the music isn’t too bad either :) I can’t believe I almost saw them live once. Years ago I went to the Ruisrock-festival in Turku, Finland with some friends (great festival by the way), but unfortunately Kent was playing on Sunday night when we had to catch the ferry.

"Walz for Satan (Your friend the Pessimist)". This one is giving me the goose pumps... Again with the subs in case anyone is interested.
"The Others"- very good lyrics.

"You and I, Death". I just think it's such a cool name for an album... and the song is den döda vinkeln, the dead angle. 
A love song... "Without your breaths"
And live! "Loneliest in Sweden"

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knickknacks said...

Wow..that's a lot of videos you posted! ;) But I must say, the music is pretty catchy. I like it! :)