Thursday, 10 June 2010

I wonder if there is any mustard in the fridge

I’m keeping myself (too) busy creating food plans and running schedules with enough space to squeeze in other exercise as well. Being a novice (the bit that was scaring me so much last night that I couldn’t sleep until way past 3 am) makes it a little more challenging, but no worries, hopefully it will be ok. At least I will be learning plenty of new things when it comes to exercise and nutrition, two things that really interest me although I have no clue about anything. I will probably publish the plans + all my goals in this blog later on.

The rest of today will be dedicated to working out (plan is: one long walk, two shorter ones – with the dog…, a run + some exercise on the gym ball), hair dying, working (for the first time I will be in charge of Spanish and English chat rooms, yey) and cooking some delicious food (leaning towards cold potato salad with equally cold fish or meat).

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