Thursday, 24 June 2010

Сегодня, 24 июня 2010.года

Song: a good oldie
Breakfast: delicious. and eaten in bed.
Secret desire: way too expensive
Boring task: cleaning. That’s why I’m still here and not there.
Even more boring task: ironing. I want a personal ironer (i.e. person who irons) for Christmas.
Amount of tea: 1 litre and still counting.
Random discussion: talking to an old friend from Transylvania about cider and other strange things. Apparently we have known each other for like 10 years. Where does the time fly?
Headache: all my Slavs our out of the.World Cup. At least Argentina is still in.
Odd wish: muscle soreness. I want to feel the pain, bring it on!
Up next: pilates. Will probably not grant odd wish, but it's good for flexibility :D

1 comment:

knickknacks said...

I so hate ironing! Back home I used to hire a cleaning lady who does the ironing for me as well. Now I've got no choice but to do it on my own...bleah!