Monday, 21 June 2010

Order in a chaotic world

I’m one of those people who like to have everything planned: even impulsiveness is planned to those moments when I’m not busy with anything else. In order to feel good, I need to plan my meals, workouts, studies and social gatherings. Some people might think this is boring, but I simply have too much to do to sit and roll my thumbs. Right now my life is a bit too chaotic for my own wellbeing. Since everything is so structured, any changes will lead to a complete mess. There is no room for "bad days" (like yesterday), when all I want to do is lie in bed and wait until the black thundercloud above my head has moved on to pester someone else. Feeling the joy of doing the things I love is one of the best feelings in the world: and in order to stay on top all the time, positive energy is essential. I get it from meeting friends, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. So what is it that disturbs the balance?

The wrong food: this weekend I have been eating really, really badly. The trip to Burger King on Friday is forgivable, since it’s something that happens about once a month and only when I’m really craving a hamburger. If you swap the chips for a side salad and skip the mayo, your meal ends up with "decent" nutritional values*. The lasagna on Saturday night might also be considered OK, although having it for lunch would have been a far better choice. But we can forget about Sunday: the lunch was still ok, but after that it started going downhill: white bread and cheese for a snack, frozen pizza for dinner. After starting to pay attention to what I’m putting in my mouth, I have noticed that the stuff I eat really affect my mood and my energies. So why eat something I think tastes just about alright and will definitely make me feel grumpy?

Sudden changes: this one is tough for someone who’s constantly living according to her diary. Sure, in summer I can be a bit flexible, but if everything goes the way I want it to, I will pretty much have plan each and every minute of my schedule this autumn. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to spend time with family and friends, on the contrary, it will be more important than ever. I will just have to plan it very carefully. There is time for everything, you just need to find it and make sure it suits everyone, including you.

Exercising: this one is far from easy because my plan is to exercise twice or three times a day. The running is the one thing that causes the most problems, since I can only run in the evening, and I want to do it four times a week, including the weekend. This basically means that at least one evening of the weekend has to be spent home :) It’s so easy to think "I’ll do it tomorrow instead", but I think it’s best to stick to original plan or you’ll end up doing everything tomorrow.




* Nutritional values of a Whopper meal with side salad, diet coke and no mayo (according to the BK website).

Calories: 490.1

Fat: 20.5g

Carbs: 50.4g

Protein: 24.9g

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