Saturday, 12 June 2010


Lost my voice, and my head is making funny sounds that nobody else can hear. Standing up makes me feel dizzy, and all that delicious Lebanese food came out of my body a little bit too fast and in the completely wrong place.
The remedy (or so I like to believe) consists of a huge bowl of cherries, coke and tea (not mixed together). Then I’ll take advantage of this quite Saturday night to study, reply to some e-mails and start a book on psychology. Sounds good.
I hope all you readers are experiencing a Saturday night that’s a bit more eventful than this.


Sebastián Moncho said...

*The remedy* pasa por agregarme al Twitter XD.

Bromas aparte, hoy voy a ver The Crazies ^^

Sebastián Moncho said...

Por cierto, lo de la cocacola ("Coke") es cierto. Mi novia estudia enfermería y siempre que me encuentro mal me lo recomienda. Se ve que antes de ser un refresco se vendía como medicamento.

Zsuzsi said...

Sí? Que bien... sabia que estaba haciendo algo bien :D
Y el otro dia una amiga sueca (también es enfermera) me recomendó comer helado, esta parece ser la razón perfecta para beber y comer cosas buenas :)

knickknacks said...

I am not too sure about your remedy...Hmmm..;) Go to sleep already! Forget about studying tonight. :)