Friday, 4 June 2010

C’est vendredi WOHOOOO!

It’s nice to have a Friday off, so that we can just enjoy the sun and listen to good music all day [well, once the cleaning is done, and the trip to the pharmacy, and...]. Or maybe I’ll make myself some ice tea, grab the first part of Tikhiy Don (конечно по-русски) and move to the balcony.

The pharmacy is a must though, for the wellbeing of those around me. No, I don’t mind sneezing my nose off but it might disturb other people. Especially when they are trying to sleep. The problem is that I don’t know what exactly it is that I’m allergic to: pollen, yes. In Finland it is the pollen from the birch trees that makes my head go all fluffy. But here? No idea. Oh, and yes. I want to be able to go running WITHOUT having to stop every 30 seconds to sneeze.

Now this is what they call a serious problem. And if you have read the whole post, then you deserve a golden star!


knickknacks said...

Hey..give me my golden star! ;) I've got rhinitis and my nose is pretty much a dust/pollen sensor and a thermostat. People identify me by my loud and very unladylike sniffing. :P

Anonymous said...

Have you ever taken honey? A teaspoon or so of LOCAL honey every day will supposedly lessen allergies. The thought behind it is sound, local honey would be made from local pollens so you'd have a resistance built up to them. Honey has to be as local as possible and probably purchased from the roadside or farmer's market. I don't have allergies so I can't say I've tried it myself but it might be worth a try.