Thursday, 1 July 2010

It’s July :)

New month, and new adventures. I think I need to begin by trying to fix myself. As you know, I have been complaining about feeling tired and uninspired lately, and there are no signs of improvement, in fact my body seems to refuse to function properly. And when the body has decided to go on strike, the mind is suffering as well. I sleep enough (roughly 8 hours a night) and until a few days ago I was also doing enough exercise. Now the problem is that I can hardly lift my feet, and when I walk or stand up for a while, I get really dizzy. I have a track record of fainting in the most inconvenient places, so it would be nice to make sure that history won’t repeat itself. Does anyone know if this could possibly be anemia?
For now I will take it easy with the exercising and concentrate on walking and pilates, while trying to fix my eating habits. More iron and vitamins might help. If things don’t improve from there, I’ll probably need to have this checked because it’s not the first time it’s happening. 
What else will happen this month?
  • We are moving to a lovely new flat. The contract is going to be signed today.
  • I will find out about my studies. I’m already really nervous about this: I know I’ll get to continue with the Hungarian but I have also applied to a couple of other courses (including psychology) that I really want to do. Fingers crossed they will accept Ms. Ditzy .
  • There will probably be a huge family gathering, but unfortunately under very sad circumstances.
  • But... on a happier note, I will also spend some quality time with my lovely friends and hopefully see one of my favourite bands live.
  • a few language projects need to be started and finished.
What will you do in July?

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Anonymous said...

It could be anemia. Try upping your iron intake by eating beef or chicken liver or a cereal such as Total (if they have something similar, it has 18mg of iron, which is exactly what females our age need). Also work on consuming more Vitamin C which helps absorb the iron.