Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Well, at least one of us is happy that it’s not raining today. Sometimes I wish I could put her in a box and ship her to Spain, but her place is in the countryside where she can run free and eat a bird or two (although that’s all she'll eat, usually she hides in a tree if she sees any other animal).
How hard can it be to find colourful sports clothes that don’t cost a fortune? Not too difficult apparently, if you know where to look: yesterday I found these in a 2nd hand shop for only a few Euros. Love them :D
Today’s exercise (yes, exercise: I was inspired by my own sweetie Allie) will consist of pilates, maybe some running and swimming. Can’t wait, it'll be nice to start moving again!


Sebastián Moncho said...

Se le ve feliz al gatito ^^

Zsuzsi said...

Creo que es la criatura más feliz del mundo... :D