Thursday, 15 July 2010

Drinking cappuccino at 2 a.m. In a bar.


Starting the journey with a couple of cocktails.


View from ferry.


The famous cappuccino. The rest of the world was partying hard, but I just had to try the cappuccino they had in the bar. And wonderful it was. 


Arriving at Helsinki. 


Lesson learnt: do not wear jeans when it’s 35 degrees outside.


"Our" ferry looked something like that, except that it was red on the outside. These passenger ferries that traffic in the Baltic sea can take up to 2,500 passengers and they are filled with bars, restaurants and duty free shops. Since my brother (see below) is working on one of them, we bumped into some of his friends and hang out with them.


Helsinki Railway Station.


One piece of little brother. The suitcase is from Primark: I got it years ago for 10 quid and it’s still whole :D


In Helsinki you can catch the train to two of the most exciting cities in the world: St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember that place! :-) Primark as well, in fact I still have a couple scarves and a t-shirts I bought there.

knickknacks said...

Woo I can do with a cocktail (or more) too! It is kinda strange to be drinking cappucino in a bar when everyone else is getting all crazy drunk around you! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

Allie: yups, yups.

Knickknacks: those cocktails were oh so delicious. And the cappuccino helped clearing my head after one too many cocktails :) But yes, I agree, it was kind of a random thing to do.