Monday, 12 July 2010

Ei kahta ilman kolmatta

In times of trouble, find the tranquillity within yourself. In times of great sadness, seek the sunshine.

In Finnish we sometimes say "ei kahta ilman kolmatta" which literally means "not two without a third", and unfortunately this sentence has proven its validity in the last few weeks.

At the end of the week my brother and I will visit my uncle in hospital. To be honest, the whole situation is freaking me out. I want to see him, but I’m afraid how my brother will react since he adores our uncle to pieces. At the same time we’ll have to visit my grandmother, who is recovering in the room next door after going through urgent heart surgery. As if this wasn’t enough, one of my best friends informed us yesterday that her dad had passed away unexpectedly. He was also one of my mother’s best friends, and I used to spend most of my summers in their home when I was younger. Now I have to tell my mum about this, but how do you tell someone that their friend has died? Can’t this be enough now?

On top of this I didn’t get completely good news after visiting the office today. As you know, I love my job, but I might have to start looking for something similar before the end of August.

I don’t think I’ll be writing much in the next few days. Probably I’ll just publish photo posts.


knickknacks said...

I'm sorry you have to be put in such a situation. I hope your grandma recovers from the surgery soon and that your mum & brother are coping well. Most importantly, you hang in there too! Sorry abt your job -I'm sure you will find a similar one soon! *Fingers crossed & big hugs*

Satu said...

Koetahan jaksella!

Ainakin kesä on lämmin. Kerrankin.

Zsuzsi said...

knickknacks: thank you for your kind words.

Satu: kiitos. Ja totta puhut, aivan ihana kesä, jostä meidän on nautittava nyt oikein kunnolla :)