Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 1: Stockholm and journey to Åland

Hah, I wrote a looong post complaining about Spanish customer support yesterday, but it seems it disappeared into cyber space. The trip to Sweden was yet another horror show, due to stupid bus drivers and French air people on strike. Again, This is the second time this year. Well, I got to enjoy the sunrise, at 2,30 a.m. Welcome to Scandinavia!


Stockholm at 2.30 a.m. Picture taken from the bus. Please believe me when I say that this city is incredibly beautiful at night.


Stockholm sky @ 3.00 a.m.


There’s no real summer without strawberries...


... or walking without shoes.


Ferry. The journey from the Swedish mainland to "my" island takes 2 hours.


Reading while working on my tan. Tonight will be dedicated to football (hup, oranje, hup! and now you can all be sure that Spain will win. The team I think will win always loses) and swimming in the Baltic sea.

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