Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Eating cookies.

Another reason for not updating this blog is because I’m not feeling 100% on top, and if there’s something I really don’t like, then it’s people who are complaining all the time.

Today I’m spending the whole day at the old flat as I’m working double shifts and we only have internet access here. My head is aching and I’m completely out of strength again, so I’m trying to fill the energy deposits with Marie biscuits and some strange sort of instant cappuccino with only 1% of coffee in it before starting the second shift.

At least I’m going to Finland on Saturday. Finland = less heat, my mum’s food (she will probably overdose me with food containing iron, so say bye bye to this silly strengthlessness) and lots of running.

I’m feeling so mad with myself for feeling like this and not being able to enjoy the summer the way one should do.

Well, I hope the rest of the world is feeling better and having a blast!!


knickknacks said...

Hope you are feeling better already! Have a safe trip back to Finland on Sat and don't forget to post lotsa pics! :)

Zsuzsi said...

Thanks, knickknacks! Today is a better day :) and I promise to take lots of photos :D