Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sometimes I doubt my own sanity

Drinking hot tea in this heat: why would anyone even consider that? Ice tea might be a better choice.
Is translating Hungarian poems for fun a normal thing to do? Well, I thought so. And now the dictionary is GONE. Who in this house could possibly need to use it? It’s not like there are any random Hungarians knocking on our door. Bah. 
Applying for an MA that involves such nice things as statistics and probability theory is just too random. (Say what?). Did I ever mention that I hate maths? That graphs make me fall asleep? That I just don’t get it? That my brain is switched to a mode that reads HUMANITIES and SOCIAL SCIENCES ONLY. And that I’m seriously excited about this whole thing? Holy cow, somebody must have robbed my sanity while I was asleep.
Bringing a suitcase for a 2-day-trip. All I need to bring is the laptop and a pair of knickers really.
I keep getting mails from people who are looking for flats in Moscow. Err. Maybe I’m a Russian real estate agent without knowing it. That must be it.
Now. Off I go to look for that dictionary, and more importantly, to pack. Ferry leaves in 2½ hours.


Anonymous said...

You never know about those Hungarians...they're EVERYWHERE

Zsuzsi said...

Very true :)