Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Trips on my mind

I used to travel a lot, but for the past couple of years I have only been flying back and forth between Spain and Sweden, and then spent some time on the ferry to get to this godforsaken island. It’s time to discover some new places... where would you like to go?
1) Prague + Budapest: maybe not at the same time, but these two cities are definitely at the top of my list. The trip to Prague might take place next April, if my friends agree to run the Prague half-marathon there, of course you need a good reason to go to Prague, just going there would be too easy :D 
bergen waterfront
2) Norway.
One of my best friends is working near Bergen in Norway, so it’s probably about time that I visit the cheerful neighbours in the West (really, my stereotype of Norwegians is that they are always happy and laughing, but that’s a good thing right?)

3) Canada + United States of America.
Suddenly I really feel like going to North America: there are so many interesting places there that I’d like to see. Maybe one day...

Bergen and Prague


Jessica said...

Funny, I've probably seen more of Europe than my own home country (US).

We're planning a trip to Iceland for my birthday.

Zsuzsi said...

Oh, Iceland is supposed to absolutely amazing :)
I don't know, maybe you tavel more while living abroad than when you're stuck in your own home country?

knickknacks said...

Spain & Portugal are actually on the top of my list. Perhaps we could do couch surfing one day! You are welcomed at my place anytime (Well, even though Cleveland isn't like the most exciting place on earth!)

Zsuzsi said...

Knickknacks: gosh, it took ages to reply on your comment. Couch surfing sounds like a wonderful idea :D