Wednesday, 7 July 2010

10 things...

... to feel happy and grateful about right now. In no specific order.

  • I have a job that I like.
  • Soon I will be seeing my family, friends and Tomi the cat again.
  • Now that we have moved to another flat, one of my best friends here in Valencia lives only a ten-minute-walk away.
  • There’s some freezing diet coke waiting for me in the freezer. And anchovies in vinegar, which is pretty much the tastiest thing right now.
  • Another good friend will be coming back from Canada soon which means that I will have my training buddy back.
  • Some unread books are waiting for me in the shelves.
  • Tonight I will do some exercise no matter how I feel, I just want to.
  • In a few minutes I can hug and kiss someone.
  • Cold showers make this list just because they exist.
  • I have the freedom to do almost anything I want.

1 comment:

knickknacks said...

Anchovies and vinegar...Hmm..never tried that before!

Sooo..who will you be kissing and hugging in a few minutes huh? *nudge.nudge. wink*