Sunday, 9 May 2010

Run, run, run...

and the sum of this week’s exercising is:

Monday: running- 22 min

Tuesday: running- 45 min

Wednesday: swimming- 50 min

Sunday: running- 48 min (and this one is impressive, because I got some terrible stomach cramps in the middle, but instead of giving up like I would have done just a couple of weeks ago, I continued until the end).

And it feels so good. Now I just need to start planning it a little better, so that I don’t always end up with three days off in the middle of the week.


Senorita said...

Good for you !

I don't always work out for as long as I want to, but at least it is longer than what I would normally be doing.

Zsuzsi said...

And that, Senorita, is what matters! :)