Thursday, 20 May 2010

What brings an entire nation to a halt?

Right answer: an exciting ice-hockey game. Finland just lost to the Czech Republic in penalties, and during those two hours that the game lasted a majority of the Finnish population was ignoring everything else completely. I’m not really sad about the loss because the Czechs are my second favourite team and now I’m hoping they get to play in the final. Tonight there are more goodies to come: Russia and Canada are repeating their quarter final from the Olympics, which will be a tremendously exciting battle.

Other plans include gathering all my favourite blogs in Mozilla Thunderbird (and sort all other docs in their resp folders), help a friend with some tax papers (hate those) and I would really, really like to do some form of physical exercise, but my body might need some rest. So maybe I’ll try this tempting equation instead:

ToppHälsa nr 7 2010 

Fave magazine




Lying on that thing is actually extremely relaxing (as long as the cat doesn’t decide to start jumping on your stomach), so you should definitely have a go if you haven’t tried it yet.

And yes, my day pretty much starts when the rest of the world is going to bed.

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