Sunday, 2 May 2010


In order to finish my eternal love-hate relationship with the French language, I thought that my readers, family and friends could make the decision for me. Now the decision has been made  - it was a tough one indeed, a draw until yesterday when the girls decided, after quite a few bottles of wine (none of which was French by the way), that the answer would be yes. 
My plan does not involve moving to France or even speaking with a Frenchman, all I want to do is read some French writers without the need of a dictionary. In order to get this thing going, I have decided to set myself a goal: read three books in French over the summer.  

From earlier experience in Romance languages, it is beyond all doubt that you will not hear the following phrase quite a lot in the near future:
Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo - You've been misusing the subjunctive again


Senorita said...

Good luck, I hope that you don't stress yourself out too much !

Zsuzsi said...

Thanks, Senorita, I will try to keep it unstressful and fun... :)

knickknacks said...

Excellent! Have fun! :)