Thursday, 13 May 2010

Right now we like

moomin_mug_rose_garden_800 Carrot 4 Berry Smoothy
CIMG0885 CIMG0919 Kamenskaja
1) The newest Moomin mug is very sweet, reminds me a bit of my mum.
2) The perfect snack: carrots.
3) Summer = smoothietime!
4) It’s blue, it’s got polka dots and it’s semi-transparent. Perfect. (from Zara)
5) The best blusher ever comes from H&M.
6) Alexandra Marinina’s detective novels might not be regarded as fine literature (a Russian friend of mine called them "metro trash"), but the books are interesting, dealing with all sorts of issues in contemporary Russia and some philosophical questions. And I read them in Russian so it’s good practice as well (unfortunately only one book has been translated into English, there are more available in Finnish and Swedish).

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