Sunday, 30 May 2010

Three Loves


I’m a girl (haha, as if you weren’t aware of that fact), and like all girls I love shoes. And the higher the heels, the better. This pair from Zara is absolutely amazing, because not only are they fabulous, but they are also super comfy. Last night I danced for about 4 hours, did some jumping and running, and when I noticed that running in high heels is indeed possible, I just had to do some extra bouncing because it was so exciting.


A certain cat seems to like cameras (not as much as cuddling though, but almost). Today she has been sleeping next to my pillow, occasionally putting her tail (and sometimes her face) in my nose and mouth. She also loves the living room table: no matter how many times we lift her off the table, she always climbs back and takes a nap.



What will I do without her?

And last but not least, the third object of my love this evening. This song has been on repeat for a few hours now. Good thing the neighbours can’t hear, or they’d probably call the cops and have me sent away.


Senorita said...

Beautiful shoes and cute kitty ! I remember Zara's when I lived in Barcelona. Of course I couldn't afford anything. I just went to H&M instead.

Zsuzsi said...

H&M is nice too... actually there was some special price on these shoes, and I ended up paying like 20€ for them, definitely a great deal!