Monday, 10 May 2010

The Decalogue


I was really happy when I found out that Finnish Yle Teema will be showing Krzysztof Kieslowski’s The Decalogue this spring. It’s a Polish TV-series of ten short films: each part represents one of the Ten Commandmentes "and explores possible meanings of the commandment, often ambiguous or contradictory within a fictional story set in modern Poland". I saw some of them ages ago, but this is the perfect opportunity to watch all of them. In the first episode, Decalogue 1:

"A university professor (Henryk Baranowski) trains his young son in the use of reason and the scientific method, but is confronted with the unpredictability of fate. Reason is defied with tragic results".

These films are not filled with neither action nor comedy, but instead they are beautiful descriptions of life. They are not as straightforward as the majority of contemporary Hollywood-films: after the film is over, you are left with an endless stream of questions that deal with the very essence of being human. 



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