Friday, 28 May 2010

The Fear of Saying It Out Loud

What if I told you that I want to run a half marathon in November? What if I told you that I’ve applied for not one, not two, but three completely different "subjects/degrees/whatever" at university, and that I’m seriously going to do it all if I get the chance? Simultaneously. What if I told you that I’m dreaming of nice abs?  What if I told you that I’d love to have my own company? And t

Telling people about your goals and dreams is a risky business. Suddenly you are held accountable not only to yourself, but to everyone around you as well. The chance of failure grows. If it’s only in your head, nobody is going to notice that you didn’t follow through with your plans.

Then there's always the fear that people will give you one long and strange look, and then burst out: "are you completely insane? There is no way you will be able to do that!". Sure, the opinion of a stranger on the street doesn't count, but the support of friends and family is extremely important.

Well, I didn’t say it out loud yet, but maybe writing it down for the whole world to see serves the same purpose.


knickknacks said...

Are you outta your mind?!! (hehe. kidding!) Well, let's just say no dream is ever too big. You know your own capability. If you feel that you can do it, then go for it! And should you fail, well, then take it as a lesson learnt. Go, girl! I just wish I have your energy! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

knickknacks: thanks for your kind words :)