Saturday, 22 May 2010

přílis mnoho věcí* [no, this is not French]

*the Czechs and their language are turning me on. Languagewise that is. Yes, it is absolutely possible to be turned on by a language. You should try.

That sentence simply means: too much stuff. (if anyone needs an interpreter to bring with them to Prague, Brno or any other nice place then TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME- I almost know Czech).

Point is. This girl owns too much stuff that she is carrying around with her without any particular purpose. Too much means that most of that stuff is never used, it just exists. Just in case of an emergency. So today I have been throwing away make up I’m no longer using, deciding which books to give away and soon my clothes will go through the same process.

Before: 4 make up bags FULL of stuff




Yes. This is all absolutely necessary, especially for a person who uses make up like once a week. Ano, jsem líná. And the same in French: Oui, je suis paresseuse.


Senorita said...

I need to do the same, I have way too much old makeup.

You have great taste in makeup by the way !

Zsuzsi said...

Yeah, it's amazing how much things(and make up) we have that we never really use, but we still keep it.

Oh, and thanks :)