Monday, 31 May 2010

Not Like This.

Discussing Israel and Palestine is extremely complicated - anyone criticizing the actions of the Israeli government suddenly finds him/herself labeled an anti-Semitist or terrorist or godknowswhat.  

I am truly sorry for what happened to the Jews before and during WWII. That is something that no human being, no matter of religion or ethnicity, should ever have to go through. Ever. But let’s realise two things: firstly, the Jews were not the only people who were treated badly for centuries and then put in the gas chambers (another post is to follow about that). Secondly, what happened is in the past. Yes. We should learn from our mistakes and not forget the past: but we cannot accept that a country is allowed to justify its aggressive foreign (and in some cases domestic, as is the case with Gaza) policy by referring to past wrongs. Because that’s why we are all mumbling and nodding and smiling, isn’t it? Because we feel guilty.

However, maybe there is hope. Maybe world leaders and international organisations will finally be ready to discuss the role of Israel and the future of the Middle East where all the involved parts will be regarded as equals.

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