Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Spać mi się chce

Finally, finally. A couple of weeks ago I forgot my glasses on the ferry, and today I finally got them back after a half marathon around town looking for them. It’s a nice feeling to see something again. Although. Being half-blind means that you can ignore a lot of the ugliness out there and cover yourself in a comforting blurry cloud. And I got that horrible exam over with, so now I’m really done (unless I fail), which feels like a relief (nevermind the 100-page-essay). Another "finally": work tomorrow.
Well, all this "finallies" are sort of tiring. Does this happen to anyone else? When you get something stressful or boring out of the way, you just feel like taking a 2-day-nap?


knickknacks said...

Hmm..I feel like taking long naps all the time! ;)

Zsuzsi said...

Haha I hear ya, napping is so much fun.