Saturday, 4 December 2010

Voi mikä pöllö päivä...

If you don’t like people who are complaining until their faces are red with rage, don’t read this post. Just look for something better on the internet, it’s surely filled with fun stuff.

Today is not being a good day. What’s wrong? Firstly, it’s starting to get cold. And when it gets cold my body refuses to wake up and get out of bed. So instead of cheerfully jumping out of bed at 9.00 am (which was the plan) and go to the gym and then do some studying, I woke up when my friend called me at 11.20. My head hurts. My left ear hurts. I should be getting dressed, but instead I and my coffee cup are still hiding under the blankets. In 30 minutes we should be in town.

Messing up my own plans makes me angry. Life is so much easier when one gets everything done. And manages to squeeze in some relaxing and/or fun activities as well. 

Now the plan is this: go to town – have lunch – study date with myself at Starbucks – come home – go for a run – go grocery shopping – study – study some more – go to sleep.

I’m sure at least a couple of these “links” will break.

Sen pituinen se.


Sebastián Moncho said...

Starbucks rules ^^

Jessica said...

Everyone needs to complain from time to time. Heck, my entire blog is one long complaint :)

Hope you have a good day!

Zsuzsi said...

Sebastián: sip, así es.

Jessica: yeah, and you complain with style :) Hope you'll have a nice day, too!